Decapitated rattlesnake tries to attack man who shot off its head

A man who shot a rattlesnake has received an almighty surprise after the headless reptile tried to attack him long after he thought it should be dead.

Billy Forbus was ploughing his garden when he saw the snake pressed up against the fence of his Alabama home.

His anxious wife, Kerry, ran into the house to retrieve his shotgun, which he then used to shoot off the snake’s head.


Billy Forbus can be seen inspecting the headless snake that did not want to be picked up. Source: Facebook/Kelly Forbus
Despite having no head, the rattle snake attempts to strike Mr Forbus. Source: Facebook/Kelly Forbus

After leaving it alone for an hour, Mr Forbus used a reaching device to pick up and move the snake into the back of his ute so he could show his brother and father.

The only problem was when Mr Forbus went to pick it up from the tray of his ute, the headless rattle snake had other ideas.

Vision shared to his wife’s Facebook page shows the severely injured snake attempting to strike her anxious husband.

Alabama Wildlife Federation’s Tyler Harris said the snake was operating on reflexes, even though it lacked a brain.

Quoting Adam Cooner, a veterinarian at the Alabama Medical Centre in Anniston, Ms Harris explained reptiles can survive with extremely low blood pressure and levels of oxygen.

“The brain can continue to function (after being severed) for hours in some cases,” Ms Harris said.

“Saying that those bites are reflexive is probably inaccurate: the snake is probably conscious and in agony.”