Decapitated Qld teen killer deported to UK

Darren Cartwright

A killer who served just 15 years of a life sentence for the decapitation of a Queensland teenager did not spend enough time behind bars, crime victim advocates say.

British man Christopher Clark Jones was convicted in 2007 of the gruesome murder of the 17-year-old boy at a Brisbane home in March 2005.

Jones and James Patrick Roughan attacked Morgan Jay Shepherd after a drunken argument at Roughan's house.

The teenager was stabbed repeatedly and his head was sawn off, with Jones later telling friends that Roughan used the severed head like a puppet and a bowling ball.

The 36-year-old was deported upon his recent release, but that's little comfort for the teen's family and friends, says Queensland Homicide Victims' Support Group CEO Brett Thompson

"The fact that the minimum non-parole period for people convicted of murder changed from 15 years to 20 years in 2012 speaks volumes of how at that time sentencing didn't meet community expectations," Mr Thompson told AAP.

"In the minds of many, it still doesn't in 2020."

Jones, who was 22 when he killed Shepherd, had his Australian visa cancelled, says Australian Border Force Acting Commander for Enforcement Command Dean Church said.

"This particularly abhorrent case is one that shocked the Queensland community when it occurred," Mr Church said.

"Non-citizens who commit crimes have no right to remain in Australia, and will be removed from the country as soon as possible."

Shepherd's headless body was found in a shallow grave in bushland near Dayboro, north of Brisbane, in April 2005.

Roughan was also jailed for life.