Debbie Harry wants to act alongside Johnny Depp

Debbie Harry would love to act alongside Johnny Depp credit:Bang Showbiz
Debbie Harry would love to act alongside Johnny Depp credit:Bang Showbiz

Blondie's Debbie Harry would love to work with Johnny Depp.

Besides being the frontwoman of the 'Heart of Glass' group, the 78-year-old singer is also an actress.

Whilst the group were on hiatus, she launched her acting career, starring in the neo-noir 'Union City' (1980) and in David Cronenberg's body horror film 'Videodrome' (1983).

She went on to land roles in John Waters's cult dance film 'Hairspray' (1988), and after releasing more albums, she was in horror film 'Body Bags' (1993), and the drama 'Heavy' (1995).

The 'One Way or Another' hitmaker is still keen to act and has the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star at the top of her wish-list of actors she'd like to work with, admitting she has always "admired" the 61-year-old star.

Asked who she'd like to work with onscreen, Debbie told the Metro: “Gee, that’s a big question and I must say that it’s probably a very long list.

“I was just talking with one of our crew about Johnny Depp, somebody I’ve always admired. It’s a very long list of directors and actors that I would love to work with.”

Debbie aspires to star in a "major, big picture", but she doubts it's on the cards.

She explained: “I’ve not really thought of anything specific.

“I would certainly like to do a character in a major, big picture, but I’m sure everyone else in the business would like the same thing.

“I think that I’ve worked with some wonderful directors, so that’s been something that I really cherish.”

She continued: “I’d like to look at it from that perspective, of not necessarily choosing a character and then waiting for it to happen or pursuing it. For me, having a strength of understanding with a director, it’s very important for me.”

Depp claimed he was shunned by Hollywood after being accused of beating his ex-wife, 'Aquaman' actress Amber Heard, 38, who he later won a defamation trial against in 2022.

Depp - who claimed the accusations against him were “fantastically, horrifically written fiction” - departed the 'Harry Potter' spin-off franchise 'Fantastic Beasts' after losing his libel case against a British newspaper in 2020.