Debate rages over mystery fruit – but do you know what it is?

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

A strange fruit found growing on a vine in Queensland has baffled members of a Facebook group who couldn’t decide if it was a pest or a delicacy.

“Does anyone know what this is. Found growing on a vine in the garden. Is it a weed or a fruit?” a person in the Hervey Bay Facebook group asked.

The image showed a small green pod with spikes covering it.

“It’s a dragon egg,” one person guessed.

“It looks scary and sharp,” another person added.

One person in the group did some investigating and suggested it was an “African horned cucumber.”

An African horned cucumber found growing on a vine in Queensland.
The strange looking growth sent members of the group into a guessing game. Source: Facebook

According to Brian Jones, Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences at The University of Sydney, they were spot on, the strange looking growth is also known as a Kiwano.

“Kiwano are not commonly available in Australia but quite a few seed suppliers sell seeds for home growers,” Professor Jones told Yahoo News Australia.

“I’ve never tasted them but they are supposed to be quite nice,” he added.

Members in the group seemed pretty excited with the new find and for some it brought back childhood memories.

“We used to call them prickly cucumbers, I always ate them as a child and I haven’t seen them in years, lovely to eat. Don’t wast them,” one person said.

Prickly cucumbers considered a delicacy

A few people were excited to see the rare find and wanted to start growing their own supply.

“They are beautiful to eat, can I buy some from you please?” one person asked

“We used to grow them and would love some seeds,” another commented.

Although the rare cucumbers have a cult following, one member warned the original poster to keep an eye on the vine.

“Get rid of that vine, they grow out of control, very quickly,” one person cautioned.

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