Beer truck's parking sparks furious debate online

A truckie who parked with part of his load blocking an intersection has sparked furious debate over whether the brazen act was justified or not.

Photos of the lengthy red vehicle were shared by the NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command to Facebook on Thursday after being spotted in Rose Bay, a leafy harbourside suburb east of Sydney.

Nearly 200 people weighed in with personal judgements, some condemning the move for inconveniencing other drivers, while others empathised with the truckie over the notable lack of parking in the area.

The truck shown with its tail end overhanging into a Rose Bay intersection. Source: Facebook/Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Photos showed an employee wearing a hi-vis vest while unloading cartons of beer from an opening in the side of the truck.

The driver was labelled both legendary and ignorant in divided comments to the post.

“What a legend. Getting the job done. Zero F’s given. I’m pretty sure there’s always a loading zone near pub for the kegs,” one person wrote.

Another person sided with the truck driver, arguing many people parked in loading zones and blocked the way of delivery drivers.

“All you whingers want your shelves full, but how many of you park in a loading zone and block people trying to do their jobs?Good on him for doing what he has to do,” they wrote.

A worker was shown unloading cartons from the side of the vehicle. Source: Facebook/Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Many were in stern disagreement though, saying it was never appropriate to park across an intersection.

“I hope he’s learnt his lesson from this. Intersections aren’t for parking/stopping or unloading,” one wrote.

“Hope the driver got a big ticket,” another person added.

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