Debate rages about mysterious contraption in woman's backyard

A bizarre “eyesore” found in a woman’s backyard has baffled people and caused debate over its purpose.

A woman posted a picture on Facebook of a pole sticking out of a plant in her new backyard in Bendigo, Victoria, with an orange cylinder and hooks attached.

“Consulting the brains trust,” she said.

“What on God’s earth is this contraption in my new garden in Bendigo?

“We have brainstormed it to death and so have our guests. It’s an eyesore but I can’t bring myself to rip it out lest it has a higher purpose of which I am yet to learn.”

Many suggested the contraption was a bird feeder. Source: Facebook/Chat 10 Looks 3 Community

Many suggested it was a feeder for birds, but others disagreed.

“Maybe a bird feeder, whereby said bird sits on red pole and the hooks are for hanging bits of fruit for them to eat,” one commented.

“I work with birds and not many of them would be able to reach the food from that perch. I think it would be something else?” A woman responded.

Another suggested it could be a percussion instrument or a habitat for local wildlife.

The puzzled woman has contacted her real estate agent to get to the bottom of it. Source: Facebook/Chat 10 Looks 3 Community

Somebody also thought it was a homemade hose stand while another joked it was a Year 10 art project, repurposed as a grandparent’s Christmas present.

They never did get to the bottom of the mystery, but the woman said she had contacted the real estate to find out its purpose.

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