Death of WA woman, 61, linked to vaccine

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The death of a 61-year-old West Australian woman last month was likely linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has confirmed.

The woman reportedly received the vaccine in early June and weeks later was admitted to Royal Perth Hospital, where she died.

The TGA said an external Vaccine Safety Investigation Group convened on July 2.

The group concluded the woman's "very rare but fatal" case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) "was likely to be related to immunisation", the TGA said in its weekly COVID-19 vaccine safety report on Thursday.

Because of the risk of extremely rare but serious blood clots, the AstraZeneca vaccine is only recommended for people over 60 in Australia.

However last week Prime Minister Scott Morrison encouraged people under 40 keen for the AstraZeneca vaccine to talk to their GP.

The government also offered legal protection to doctors who prescribe the vaccine to consenting younger people.

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