Death toll rises to 46 in Surfside collapse as 10 more bodies are found

Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava announced at a press conference Wednesday that the death toll in the Surfside, Fla., apartment collapse had increased to 46 people, after 10 more bodies were found.

Video transcript

- Through these efforts and since our last briefing, the US teams recovered an additional 10 victims bringing the total confirmed deaths to 46. 32 of these victims have been identified. And next of kin notifications have been made.

At this time, 200 people are now accounted for, and 94 people are still unaccounted for. As we've continued to stress, the detectives are working continuously to follow up on all of the leads to determine whether all of these potentially missing persons were actually in the building during the collapse.

As the magnitude of this catastrophe continues to grow each and every day since the collapse, our community and the world are grieving with all of the families who are living through this unthinkable tragedy. Every single victim uncovered is somebody's child, somebody's mother, somebody's teacher, somebody's colleague, a classmate, a best friend.

Our hearts break for those who are mourning and for those who are waiting and waiting. So please continue to wrap your love and your prayers and your arms around each of these families at the center of the tragedy.