Death row killer's final words before execution

The chilling last words of a death row inmate moments before his execution have been revealed.

The last words of convicted US murderer Rodney Berget, then 56, were shared in a transcript released by the South Dakota Department of Corrections on November 13.

A warden asked Mr Berget if he had any last words before the final conversation.

“You have been sentenced to death by lethal injection for this crime,” Warden Young said.

“This is the time and place for the execution of that sentence.

“Do you have any last words? Now is that time.”

Mr Berget then cracked a joke before passing away.

“Sorry for the delay, I got caught in traffic,” he said.

Rodney Berget (pictured). Source: KSFY

“I want to thank everybody that was there for me. I love you all.”

He uttered his final words before succumbing to the lethal injection.

“Is it supposed to feel like that?”

Mr Berget was pronounced dead by the coroner at 7.37pm on October 29.