Hearing-impaired man adopts deaf dog and teaches him sign language

Hearing-impaired man Nick Abbott has won the hearts of thousands after adopting a deaf dog and teaching him sign language.

Black Labrador mix, Emerson, was not only deaf but suffered through Parvovirus along with seizures.

But when he first met Mr Abbott, 31, their connection was undeniable.

Staff at US animal shelter North Florida Rescue Maine had an overwhelming sense fate had brought them together when the puppy, who was 12 weeks old at the time, ran and sat at Mr Abbott’s feet at first sight.

Mr Abbott said Emerson picked up his training quickly and after four months had learned all of his basic commands. Source: Facebook/NFR Maine

“Emerson made a direct line for Nick and sat at his feet. That's all it took,” a Facebook post from the shelter said.

“I was sold that this was fate, and these two belonged to each other.

“This boy deserved nothing short of a fairytale ending and that is exactly what he got!!”

Emerson had difficulty finding his forever home, but staff at the shelter knew it was fate when he met Mr Abbott. Source: Facebook/NFR Maine

Mr Abbott, who was born deaf, took to teaching his new best friend sign language so they could understand and communicate with each other.

Four months on from the day they met, Emerson has learned signs for basic commands like sit, lay down, stay, and come.

“Emerson [loves] a lot of physical contact. Also he loves treats! He is learning hand signs very quickly however his potty training has proven to be more of a challenge,” Mr Abbott told Pretty 52.

Emerson suffered Parvovirus and seizures prior to being adopted by Mr Abbott. Source: Facebook/NFR Maine

“He is super smart and fits right in with other dogs. He loves adventure and is well behaved during family outings. Great with all kids and seems to be a very happy puppy!”

Mr Abbott first heard about Emerson through a Facebook post, which explained his forever home had been proving a bit difficult to find.

“We just had a really tough time finding him the perfect home. That is until we got a message from Nick,” the post from the shelter read.

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