Dead animal among piles of rubbish dumped in Sydney parkland

Nadine Carroll
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A woman has made a “horrendous” discovery on a popular walking track in a Western Sydney park that she said “broke her”.

The resident shared the disturbing images in a local Facebook group that showed a trail in the Western Sydney Parklands in West Hoxton littered with dumped rubbish, in scenes she described as “getting progressively worse”.

“It's getting worse - every day some new form of garbage dumped... the dead sheep we saw this morning was the icing on the cake. I couldn't believe my eyes,” the woman shared, along with images of piles of building materials, broken furniture and amongst it, a dead sheep.

A dead sheep found in Sydney Western Parklands and piles of rubbish dumped.
'It broke me': A woman has found a dead sheep dumped with rubbish in a western Sydney park. Source: Facebook

Western Sydney Parklands is a 27 kilometre stretch of land that passes through Liverpool, Fairfield and Blacktown council areas, governed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The site is filled with walking tracks, playgrounds and bushland designed to be enjoyed by local residents.

The woman asked others in the group for help reporting the “dumping ground”, which is close to the Shale Hills dog park.

“I really hope somebody takes notice and organises a massive clean up. There is a huge pit filled with hundred of tyres, asbestos and all sorts of house junk but dude when I saw that dead sheep discarded near the tyres like rubbish, it broke me,” the upset resident wrote.

“What the f**k is wrong with people, especially dumping an animal,” one person responded to the post.

“What is wrong with people. We have a nice green area with plenty of space so of course let’s ruin it. Come on!” an angry local wrote.

“That is awful. Hopefully, council will come and clean it all up,” another person responded.

images of dumped rubbish littering Western Sydney Parklands
The woman asked for help reporting the illegal “dumping ground” located in Western Sydney Parklands to council. Source: Facebook

Western Sydney Parklands told Yahoo News Australia they were aware of the ongoing illegal dumping and the photographed site “has been reported for urgent removal”.

“Western Sydney Parklands Trust is responsible for managing illegal dumping within the Parklands. While Liverpool Council is responsible for managing illegal dumping on the roads in the Liverpool LGA.

“Both agencies are working together on monitoring, clean-up, enforcement and are in discussions regarding permanent solutions,” a Western Sydney Parklands spokesperson told Yahoo News.

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