David Tennant addresses Doctor Who future after 60th anniversary special

david tennant, yasmin finney, doctor who the star beast
David Tennant addresses Doctor Who futureBBC

David Tennant has clarified his Doctor Who future following the 60th anniversary specials.

The final of the three specials, 'The Giggle', saw the show's first bi-generation, in which Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor pop out of Tennant's Fourteenth. Thanks to reality being warped by the episode's villain, Fifteen was able to essentially clone the TARDIS, which he let Fourteen keep.

Although it feels like a setup to have Tennant return at any time, the actor insists that his tenure is over, and his Doctor has just been given a happy ending rather than essentially dying.

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"The Doctor's happy. He is in a garden in Chiswick, being made mac and cheese by Bonnie Langford!" he told Radio Times.

"The door is not any more open than it ever was, because in Doctor Who if you want to bring someone back, there are endless ways of doing it. It's very much the end of the story."

To any fans who might find it narratively odd that Fourteen doesn't step into action whenever Earth comes under attack, Tennant pointed out that due to the time travel nature of the show, any Doctor could be expected to turn up to fight off any alien invasion at any point in time.

"You could also say, 'Why has Patrick Troughton not landed here?!' It unpicks if you think about that too much," he said. "I’m retired! The Fourteenth Doctor is retired!"

david tennant, yasmin finney, doctor who the star beast

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Showrunner Russell T Davies recently echoed the sentiment that Tennant's time is done, stating: "Sorry, this is the age of Ncuti now. It's 'David who?'

"It's a busy TARDIS. [Ncuti and Millie Gibson] are going to just sail across the universe and capture your heart. So, it's time to look at these two."

Doctor Who will return for its 14th series in May, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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