'Go to NZ': TV host's abrupt message for Labor voters complaining about election result

Labor supporters saying they are going to move to New Zealand in the wake of Saturday’s election results have been given a blunt message.

Sunrise morning show host David Koch said in a short on-air rant that those complaining should leave the country and stop talking about it.

“One thing I am hating on social media is all the people bagging the Australian voters for making the decision,” he said.

“Get a grip. People wanting to move to New Zealand, well go to New Zealand.

“The Australian public is pretty smart, they’ve made their decision, you’ll live with it.”

David Koch has taken umbrage at Labor voters complaining about the election result. Source: Sunrise

His response comes after a number of commentators expressed outrage over the Coalition’s surprising win.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten conceded defeat on Saturday night and confirmed he would step down as Labor leader after it became evident the Labor Party was not going to win the election.

It is now like the Scott Morrison government will win the parliament majority, with the LNP likely to secure at least 77 seats.

Novelist Jane Caro tweeted on Saturday night the LNP winning was a sign Australians “decided to be a backward looking country”.

“I wish I was a New Zealander,” she tweeted.

Author and comedian Meshel Laurie called Australians “dumb, mean-spirited and greedy” in the wake of the result.

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