David Cameron urges the West to "toughen up" after Ukraine invasion

David Cameron
David Cameron

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron is concerned the West not learning the lesson of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, The Guardian reported on May 9.

In his first major speech as Foreign Secretary outside Parliament, Cameron will emphasize that the West needs to toughen up and recognize it's in a "battle of wills." He believes authoritarian adversaries will only become "spurred on" if they see hesitation or caution from the West.

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Authoritarian adversaries will only be "spurred on" if the West shows hesitation or caution, he said.

"We all must prove our adversaries wrong – Britain, and our allies and partners around the world." Cameron said.

The urgent task is not just to reach the 2% target all Nato countries endorsed at a summit in Newport in 2014, but also to move to establish 2.5% as the new benchmark, Cameron will say. Countries still well below the 2% target include Spain, Belgium, and Canada, The Guardian said.

He will say there is a chance for the UK to weaken Russia’s grip in Central Asia, by announcing the possibility of strengthening bilateral relations with countries that "see the destructive, reactionary policies of our adversaries as a threat to their security and prosperity."

Cameron’s critics say he has given the appearance of a risk-taking foreign secretary without actually doing anything that shifts the UK outside its familiar role of aspiring to be the favored private adviser to American policymakers, in return for acting as their public advocates, The Guardian said.

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