'Heartbreaking': Girl horrified to find pet cat eaten by giant snake

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A family has shared the heartbreaking moment a little girl was confronted with a horrifying sight while looking for her family's beloved pet cat.

Kanchi Nard, from Thailand, wrote on Facebook her 11-year-old daughter Gracia went behind the family home on Saturday about 3pm looking for their pet cat named Ho Jun.

Instead of finding the family's furry companion, the little girl spotted an enormous snake with a bulge in its stomach.

Ho Jun the cat pictured with Gracia Nard.
Gracia Nard is devastated after her beloved cat met a tragic fate. Source: Thairath & Facebook/ Kanchi Nard

Ms Nard wrote her daughter screamed “snake” and "can't find Ho Jun".

It's at this point the mum came to a horrific realisation: the cat had been devoured by a snake.

“It's so heartbreaking,” Ms Nard wrote.

Pictures uploaded to Facebook show the large snake slithering through a room of the family home.

A crew of emergency workers were snapped wrangling the snake into a bag.

Family distraught over cat's tragic death

All the mum could do was comfort her little girl, who was in tears as the pair realised Ho Jun was gone.

"She is very sad. She is speechless. Hurt," she wrote.

It's not clear what species of snake it was.

“RIP Handsome Ho Jun. Mother will love and miss you forever,” Ms Nard wrote.

A large python is pictured with a bulge in its stomach.
The family shared a phot of the snake which consumed their cat. Source: Facebook/ Kanchi Nard

Adding to the family’s heartbreak, Ms Nard wrote she received a costume from her mother-in-law for Ho Jun the following morning.

“Daughter is looking at the cat's outfit. She looks at little Ho Jun's photos and she cries,” she wrote.

People online 'devastated' by photos of 'poor cat'

Those responding to the post on social media also shared their horror.

"Such a nightmare," one woman wrote.

Another person wrote the photos of the "poor cat" were just "devastating to look at".

"I can't take this," another woman wrote.

There has been some news which may help the family through the tragic time though, with one person offering to give them a new cat for free.

A man removes a large python from a Thai house.
Experts were called in to remove the vicious predator from the home. Source: Facebook/ Kanchi Nard

Large snakes known to attack family pets

It's not the first time a large snakes has gone after much-loved pets.

A Queensland snake catcher was called to a home in January after a snake ate a family’s pet cat.

A month earlier a Sunshine Coast family had to wrestle their puppy away from a carpet python.

Luckily, the little pooch survived the ordeal.

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