Driver's mistake in Aussie outback almost proves 'catastrophic'

An Aussie driver is lucky to be alive after turning into the path of an oncoming car travelling at 70km/h.

The collision was captured by the dashcam of the oncoming driver who was travelling along a Broome highway in Western Australia.

The video shared on Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows how quickly a life-changing accident can occur. But an obvious mistake by one driver meant it could have been avoided, some say.

Dashcam footage captures near-fatal collision.
Dashcam footage captured the moment two cars collided on a Broome highway. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

The footage shows a vehicle cruising down the road as a car pulled over to the left comes into view. And suddenly, as the two cars meet, the driver of the station wagon pops on their blinker. Appearing not to look for an opening on the road, the car pulls out in front of the passing vehicle in an attempt to do a U-turn. The two cars collide and the next frame shows parts of the station wagon flying into the air. The driver with the camera comes to a stop.

People in the comments were quick to point out one small detail that potentially lessened the impact of the crash. "Glad the [dashcam] car was able to hit it square on otherwise the damage could have been catastrophic," one said. "That's a big hit for people in both vehicles. Could've been much worse if they were cleaned up a second earlier or if the car was older," thought another.

Others said it was a good reminder to "always check twice and look over your shoulder before pulling out". Another said it happened "literally 200 metres from the roundabout" where the car could have turned around.

Scary collision caught on camera

Earlier this year, dashcam footage captured the moment two trucks collided on a busy Sydney road. The heart-stopping video was shared on social media and showed a smaller truck — being driven by a 71-year-old man — veering across three lanes of traffic towards the oncoming truck on the other side of the busy road.

Suddenly, the vehicles collide – bringing surrounding traffic to a halt. The impact was so forceful it seems that the cabin of the smaller truck was almost ripped off entirely.

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