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Dashcam driver shares crash video, but attention turns to his own driving

A dashcam driver who filmed a car and a scooter colliding in Brisbane has faced questions as to whether the maneuver he did before filming the prang was actually legal.

The driver was travelling on Lutwyche Road in Windsor on November 2, 2019, when he came to a set of lights and turned, in video obtained by Dash Cam Owners Australia.

As the driver turns a scooter is seen at a giveaway sign waiting to enter traffic.

A car and scooter collide on Lutwyche Road, Windsor.
The vehicles collide in Windsor in Brisbane's north. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

But a car comes up from behind and knocks him off the scooter.

It’s not known if the rider suffered any injuries. Queensland Police has been contacted for comment about the crash.

While some people commented on the scooter, most were preoccupied with what the dashcam driver did.

“What are you doing chucking a u-turn anyway at lights?” one man wrote.

Another man added he always thought u-turns at traffic lights was illegal.

Others made the same claim.

However, they are all wrong.

Are u-turns at traffic lights illegal?

In this case, as can be seen in the video, a sign at the lights tells drivers doing a u-turn at this intersection is perfectly fine.

In Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and NSW, u-turns are only permitted at traffic lights when these signs are visible and drivers have to give way to all pedestrians and traffic even if they are facing a giveaway or stop sign.

Victoria has a different rule for u-turns where it’s permitted unless there is a sign telling drivers they can’t do it.

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