Dashcam captures impatient driver's incredible attempt to beat traffic

A driver in Western Australia has given the phrase ‘express lane’ a whole new meaning after their brazen, peak-hour overtake was caught on camera.

Lanes of traffic were left banked up at the intersection of Leach Highway and Welshpool Road in Perth last Friday – but where some drivers saw red lights, one remarkably impatient driver saw an opportunity.

With little to no room to spare, the driver of the yellow Ford ute decided he wasn’t going to let a little traffic delay the start of his weekend.

As every car waited for the lights to change, the ute driver took it upon himself to slide in between the white work van and blue sedan, leaving the dashcam owner stunned.

Most of the motorists waited patiently during peak hour traffic on Friday afternoon. Source: 7 News
But one motorist had other ideas. Source: 7 News
Threading the needle, he remarkably didn’t touch either car. Source: 7 News

Social media users appeared to be more impressed than angry, questioning how he pulled off the bold overtake with no margin for error.

“How the heck did he get through?” one woman wrote.

“I’m actually impressed he made it all the way through,” another added

“I wonder how much it was to get the ‘shrink mode’ installed,” another wrote.

After threading the needle, the ute managed to further anger drivers up the road as he cut his way into flowing traffic.