Darcy jury still considering murder case

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A Sydney jury considering whether a woman sedated and gassed her sheep farmer partner will take its verdict deliberations into a third day.

Natasha Beth Darcy pleaded not guilty to murdering Mathew Dunbar, who was found dead in his bed on his Pandora property in the Northern Tablelands town of Walcha on August 2, 2017.

She contended the 42-year-old killed himself, but the Crown told the NSW Supreme Court it was murder motivated by the potential of inheriting his $3.5 million property.

The jury of 11 will return to its deliberations on Friday after being excused for the day about 4pm on Thursday.

The only note sent since deliberations began about 11am on Wednesday was for transcripts.

"Until we have a note from you, we will leave you to your important work," Justice Julia Lonergan said.

She reiterated they should only discuss the case with the other 10 jurors, and avoid media reports.

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