Daniel Taylor still short on $630k bail

Perry Duffin

The son of John Ibrahim remains behind bars in Sydney reportedly unable to raise the $630,000 required for bail after he was arrested for his alleged role in a global crime syndicate.

Police swooped on 26-year-old Daniel Taylor, also known as Daniel Ibrahim, this week and charged him with dealing with money intended as an instrument of crime.

He is alleged to have handed over $2.25 million to buy smuggled tobacco as part of the crime syndicate.

The deal is alleged to have occurred in July with his uncle Michael Ibrahim - the alleged mastermind behind the plot.

Taylor was granted bail under strict conditions that include residing with his mother in Sydney's eastern suburbs and not leaving NSW.

But, as of Thursday evening, he remained in police custody, a spokesman for the Australian Federal Police told AAP.

Earlier in the day, Taylor's lawyer fronted media outside Sydney Police Centre at Surry Hills where his client is being held.

"He's keen to get out," Nick Hanna told reporters.

"He understands that it will take a few days because of the nature of the security for the bail but otherwise he's holding up."

Taylor is about $80,000 short of the $630,000 required to make bail, News Corp Australia reports.