Daniel Morcombe's killer loses fight to appeal murder conviction

Brett Peter Cowan will remain behind bars over the murder of Daniel Morcombe, with his legal fight coming to an end in Brisbane today.

He was refused leave to appeal to the High Court in a decision this morning.

Daniel's mother Denise Morcombe took to Twitter following the decision saying she is "Glad all the court process is finally over."

"Throw the key away and I never want to hear that name again RIP Dan X," she wrote.

Brett Peter Cowan was found guilty of murdering schoolboy Daniel Morcombe and was sentenced to life in prison in March 2014.

After he failed to have the conviction overturned in the Queensland Court of Appeal last May, his lawyers pursued an application for special leave to appeal to the High Court.

This was heard in Brisbane on Friday, with the court finding there was insufficient grounds for the nation's highest court to hear the appeal, meaning the 46-year-old has exhausted all legal avenues to challenge his conviction.

Brett Peter Cowan prior to his arrest for the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Source: 7News.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe attended court for the last ditch appeal bid.

They spoke to the media following the decision,"I felt quite confident that the High Court would dismiss the special leave application and that's proven to be correct," said Bruce Morcombe.

Yesterday Daniel's mother Denise posted on Twitter, "After 4,479 days we are off to the High Court tomorrow. Let's hope Daniel can finally rest in peace."

This morning a teary Denise saying that is now possible for Daniel.

An inquest in the 2003 abduction of Daniel Morcombe proved instrumental in identifying Daniel's killer.

Cowan's legal representative, Peter Callaghan SC, had argued questions directed at him by counsel assisting during an inquest into the young boy's death had acted as "inducements" and, as such, played a part in a subsequent confession.

"The threat or promise is directed towards his need to have an alibi," Mr Callaghan said.

The Morcombe family is again urging people to get behind the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to help make sure other children stay safe.

"Daniel's name is on everybody's lips. Don't forget him. Don't forget his legacy and support the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in its aims to protect all kids," Bruce told the media this morning.

Brett Peter Cowan was found guilty of murdering Daniel Morcombe in 2014.

"We can use Daniel's tragic story to make sure future kids are safe," he said.

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