Dami Im isn't held back by online trolls

Danielle McGrane, AAP Music Writer

Dami Im doesn't let trolls stop her from reading the online comments fans post on her social media pages.

"Noah (Dami's husband) keeps telling me not to read them because it can be hurtful but I can't help it," she said in Sydney on Thursday.

"I think I enjoy looking at them sometimes and most of them are really nice ones. I have such a loyal fanbase who are always loving me no matter what I do," she said.

Dami has full time support from Noah, who left his job as a social worker to accompany her on all her engagements.

Last year's X Factor winner is currently in a whirlwind of promotion for her latest single, Super Love, which will be the first song off her second album - due out later in the year.

"Whenever I sing it (Super Love) it reminds me of Noah because he's been so supportive through this whole process and journey," she said.

"He's sacrificed so much for me."

Another person who has supported Dami since her win is her X-Factor mentor Dannii Minogue.

"When I tell her I have these online comments, when I get hurt, she'll tell me `don't read them' or `just read the ones that are written by your true fans'," she said.

Dami said Minogue also reassures her on days where she feels she doesn't "have what it takes".

The Australian star recently accompanied Dami to Korea, her birthplace, where she has also released Super Love.

"She's always looking out for me ... she even came to Korea to support me," she said.

"It's a special feeling being a Korean-born person to be able to go back to where I was born, and I've been listening to K-Pop since I was young. Now going back to that scene feels surreal, it's very special."

The singer said she wants to sing more of her songs in both Korean and English, and is even considering doing Super Love in her native language.

"A Korean-born person winning Australian X Factor, it's a big deal and they're very proud of that (in Korea)," she said.

Her first self-titled album went platinum as did her debut single, Alive. This time, Dami admits she's a bit more nervous.

"This one is Dami Im's music, there are no other titles behind that. I'm more nervous but I feel like this is where it really begins," she said.

"It's sort of like when you first leave home and you're by yourself. It's scary but it's still sort of exciting as well because you're doing everything on your own with your own strength."

  • Super Love is released on May 16