The D'Amelios Tease the Most 'Surprising’ Part of Working with Your Family on a Shoe Line (Exclusive)

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at D'Amelio Footwear? Charli, Dixie, Heidi and Marc chat with PEOPLE about their chemistry as a family — and as colleagues — while launching the spring Cork Bottom collection at their N.Y.C. Shopify pop-up

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The D'Amelios chat about their footwear brand's spring collection and the brand's N.Y.C. pop-up shop

The D’Amelios love shoes: Charli D'Amelio has a habit of "borrowing" a pair or two from her older sister Dixie D'Amelio; mom Heidi D’Amelio is bashful when asked exactly how many shoes they collectively own as a family — even dad Marc D’Amelio, who prefers an understated look, can rock a cool kick.

So it’s no surprise that their brand, D’Amelio Footwear, has every shoe you'd want to have in your closet.

The latest to come from the company is the spring Cork Bottom collection of platforms, slides, sandals and stilettos — now exclusively retailing at an immersive pop-up shop in N.Y.C. until March 10, ahead of the official launch.

Charli, 19, Dixie, 22, Heidi, 52, and Marc, 55, sit down with PEOPLE for an exclusive chat at the SoHo space — a.k.a. a lush garden-inspired shoe heaven — about the new line and why they mesh so well as co-workers and as family.

<p>Shopify</p> D'Amelio Footwear hosts N.Y.C. pop-up in collaboration with Shopify


D'Amelio Footwear hosts N.Y.C. pop-up in collaboration with Shopify

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“From the beginning, we wanted something that's comfortable and also fashionable,” Dixie says of the spring designs.

From Heidi’s point of view, the seasonal styles are made for shoe-lovers who want to experiment with different types of heels in their everyday style. She also describes the collection as “airy” because the silhouettes have a lightweight feel and cushiony memory foam in the soles.

Operating a family business has its warning labels, but Charli can truly say they don't often butt heads.

“It's just regular family stuff, like I show up late and my dad's like, ‘Dude, come on’ and I'm like, ‘I'm sorry!' It's honestly pretty easy working all together, which I feel like is surprising to a lot of people. It's easy to have those hard conversations. We're always texting in the family group chat, so if we need to talk about something, it is very simple.”

The challenge? Getting everyone to be at the same place at the same time (when you’re as booked as the D'Amelios, you can imagine the scheduling that goes on behind the scenes).

“We were trying to make the final selections [for the spring collection]. We're on a Zoom and they were in different time zones,” says Heidi pointing to her kids, “and we have the footwear model walking in front of the laptop on the floor. Because of the nature of our lives, we have to be creative on how we can all still be a part of it and have our roles but get to do our other jobs as well.”

<p>Shopify</p> The D'Amelios for Shopify


The D'Amelios for Shopify

The reality TV stars have a genuine kinship that’s palpable in real life as much as it is on screen — and it grows new life when you hear them talk about each other.

Charli tells PEOPLE her dad has been a personal "role model" for her in business, while Dixie, who feels like they’ve gotten closer as a family, says the two are "very lucky" to have their parents by their sides professionally and personally.

The Dancing with the Stars champ also lights up when talking about her mom's ability to "eat" in front of the cameras, which is her way of admiring Heidi's confidence on set.

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<p>Shopify</p> The D'amelios for Shopify


The D'amelios for Shopify

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Heidi and Marc have also picked up a few things from their Gen Z daughters. The one takeaway they agree on: Sometimes it’s better to ditch the “parents know best” mentality.

“I'm always open to what Dixie and Charli have to say on how to run things," says Marc.

“They're good humans. [Their] fashion and approach to business, it's different than the way we were raised," adds Heidi, who's all ears when it comes to her kids' unfiltered style advice. "I'm glad they took the parts of Marc and I and kind of made it their own.”

<p>Rich Fury/Getty </p> The D'Amelios

Rich Fury/Getty

The D'Amelios

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With D’Amelio Footwear nestled on Greene Street through the weekend (Hail a cab! Catch that train! Run, don’t walk! Because this experience is one you don’t want to miss.), the D’Amelios are “super excited” to connect with their fans face to face.

“To be here and see the people looking at the shoes and loving the shoes, as well as getting to meet the people that make us who we are, is really exciting,” Charli shares.

Bringing their website to life was no easy feat, but Shopify (which powers D’Amelio Footwear’s e-commerce platform) ensured that things ran smoothly.

“The fact that they have this incredible space and afforded us the opportunity to come in here, we wouldn’t be able to do something this massive without an incredible company like Shopify,” Marc says.

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