Daisy Ridley reflects on Tom Holland flop Chaos Walking

chaos walking, tom holland, daisy ridley
Daisy Ridley reflects on Chaos Walking receptionLionsgate

Daisy Ridley has reflected on the critical reception of her movie Chaos Walking, which starred Spider-Man's Tom Holland.

The sci-fi film, based on Patrick Ness's young adult novel The Knife of Never Letting Go, was released in 2021, after a string of production delays including numerous reshoots.

Tom played Todd and Daisy played Viola in a dystopian world with no women and where all living creatures can hear each other's thoughts.

Chaos Walking unfortunately received largely negative reviews from critics and was regarded as a commercial failure.

chaos walking, tom holland, daisy ridley

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In an interview with Empire, Ridley has reflected on her experience of making the film and its less than ideal critical reception.

She said: "Back when it came out, I was watching [critic] Mark Kermode, and once Chaos Walking flashed up… no-one has turned the TV off quicker than in that moment. I think that was a lesson in you just don't know how things are gonna roll. And that is very much something I signed on to as an actor.

"I loved the initial script, the idea, the world. I love the books. You sign on and you do what you can. I've never really been asked about Chaos Walking. Yeah. Everyone was like: 'We won't mention it!'"

daisy ridley, tom holland, chaos walking

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She continued: "That's something I really wasn't involved with creatively. Not out of choice, just because it was one of those things. I was like: 'This is great: I come in as an actor, do my thing and then off I go.' It's so funny, we were watching a show and someone used the phrase: 'It didn't trouble the box office'. What can you do?"

Meanwhile, Daisy is currently starring in movie Sometimes I Think About Dying, which has received positive reviews from critics.

The actor can also soon be seen in movie Young Woman and the Sea which will be released in cinemas in May, where she plays Gertrude 'Trudy' Ederle, the first woman to successfully swim the English Channel.

Sometimes I Think About Dying is out in UK cinemas now.

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