Daisy and Harley top dog names list

If your dog's name is Daisy or Harley there may be some confusion at the dog park.

Daisy and Harley are the real top dogs according to The Lost Dogs' Home list of the most popular pet names for 2022.

The Lost Dogs' Home unveiled its top pet names for the year based on Friday based on its adoption records, with Daisy taking out the top spot for female dogs and Harley snatching the title for males.

The next most popular names for female dogs were Honey, Lucy, Gracie and Lily, while the top five for male dogs was rounded out by Frankie, Archie, Charlie and Teddy.

Luna came in at No 1 for female cats and Charlie took first place for male cats.

Bella, Daisy, Coco and Cookie rounded out the list for female felines, while the top five most popular male cat names also included Leo, Milo, Oreo and George.

Traditional names like Charlie and Leo have held their ground in the list, continuing what the shelter saw in 2021, The Lost Dogs' Home's spokeswoman Suzana Talevski said.

The shelter tends to see older people opting for more traditional names, while younger age groups more often go for names that are trending.

''We have definitely seen a trend towards sweeter sounding names and being in the foodie capital of Australia, the trend towards food names is also growing,'' Ms Talevski said.

''Choosing what to name your dog is personal and people tend to take it very seriously.

"It's always a good idea to remember it should be a name you are comfortable using in public."