Daily ship repositioning by Russian Black Sea Fleet observed in Sevastopol Bay – Crimean Wind group

Occupied Crimea
Occupied Crimea

The Russian Black Sea Fleet repositions ships in Sevastopol Bay almost daily, the Crimean Wind monitoring group reported on Telegram on April 24.

Compared to the images dated April 22, the following day, the second guard ship of the 1135 Burevestnik project and the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship left their berths near Pier 14.

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The rescue vessel Kommuna remains in its previous location, and the MRC Cyclone is hidden behind a small breakwater near Pier 12.

The photo also shows that the grain thieves are still around in Dock Bay: the bulk carriers Sailor Koshka and Konak.

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Black Sea Fleet transfer to Novorossiysk

The Russian Navy began transferring its Black Sea Fleet ships to Novorossiysk in October 2023.

The Russians hardly use Sevastopol bays for ships anymore after the successful strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Joint Command South said.

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Ships went to sea en masse from the Russian Black Sea Fleet base in Novorossiysk for the first time in a long time in January.

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