Dads stepping up for lockdown lessons

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Aussie dads are playing a greater role in their young children's education during COVID-19, leading the charge when it comes to home-schooling maths and PE, a study has found.

The research has been shared in time for Father's Day on Sunday.

"With our busy life and my job I had very little to do with our son's education since kindergarten," Sydney father and 'dadmum' blogger Brad Kearns said.

"My wife managed it and I was really only there for milestones. But now that we're all at home, I'm seeing his activities, work ethic and the satisfaction he gets from completing tasks."

Mr Kearns' experience is reflected in the survey, which found 51 per cent of Australian fathers who answered the May poll have been spending more time focused on their kids' schooling since COVID hit. Thirty-two per cent of fathers have been dedicating the same amount of time and 14 per cent have been spending less time.

The survey found 64 per cent of dads offered help with maths, 55 per cent with PE or sport and 53 per cent with art.

But mums still played a more significant role overall, with 70 per cent saying they remained more involved with the schooling than their children's fathers.

The survey of 600 Australian parents of children aged five to 10 was commissioned by education technology business Osmo, which creates learning platforms for children.

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