Dad’s touching reminder after his wife and two sons are injured in horror crash

A North Queensland dad has made a plea after his wife and two sons were hospitalised following a serious truck crash.

The three were travelling on the Bruce Highway at the Mulgrave River Bridge south of Cairns on October 7 when the car collided with a truck, police said.

The woman, 48, who was driving the car was hospitalised with critical injuries along with her two boys aged 11 and 13 who suffered non-life threatening injuries. The woman’s condition has since improved to stable.

The three have been named as Rachel Sellars and her sons Darian, 13, and Ronan, 11, according to a GoFundMe page created for the family.

While the woman and her kids are expected to have a lengthy stay in hospital, Ms Sellars’ husband David doesn’t want people to forget about the driver of the truck.

David Sellars with his wife Rachel and sons Darian and Ronan. The mum and children were injured in a crash south of Cairns last week. Source: GoFundMe/ David Rachel Darian Ronan Sellars

The truck driver, 54, suffered serious leg and internal injuries.

“They (the community) need to rally around this man,” Mr Sellars told the Cairns Post.

“There is a fourth victim that I’m horribly concerned about so it’s important for the community to get behind him as well.”

On Thursday, friend of the family Edu De Hue wrote Ronan is dealing with bowel issues while his brother has a collapsing lung.

“We had an extensive assessment by paediatric rehab specialist who was very good,” he wrote.

“Contact sports are definitely out for the boys for 12 months due to the risk of catastrophic brain bleeds. They are going to need medium to long term follow up with the childrens hospital rehab team.”

Their mum is currently nursing a broken pelvis and will need an operation on her foot. She’s set to be bedridden in hospital for about another six weeks.

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