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Dad's shocking find in returned suitcase: 'Worth millions'

A US father has shared his delight after finding a secret stash of foreign cash after purchasing a set of secondhand suitcases from a local shop.

The man, from the US state of Ohio, bought the suitcases from an "overstock and return store" which he described as a local store which buys returned and overstocked items "by the pallet" from a broker and re-sells them at a discounted price.

When he got the suitcases home, he could feel something inside the lining of one of the smaller cases.

The suitcases all pictured in his living room.
The man noticed something in the lining of the smaller bag with the orange trim. Source: Facebook

"I opened the lining and found $20,000 in Bangladesh currency ... In a zipper bag," he wrote in a popular Facebook group, dedicated to unusual finds.

The barbershop owner shared photos showing the large wads of Bangladeshi cash.

"Imagine my excitement not knowing what the exchange rate might be," he wrote on Saturday.

Well, it turns out he won't be able to quit his day job and sell the barbershop any time soon.

With the current exchange rate, the impressive looking amount of money works out to be less than US$200.

"But the experience and the adrenaline rush was worth millions," he joked.

Someone evidently left hidden cash behind.
Someone evidently must've left the hidden cash behind. Source: Facebook

At the very least, the new suitcases paid for themselves, and then some.

"It covered the price of the suitcases with $40 left over," he added to the post.

While the lucky buyer confirmed the incident with Yahoo News Australia, many people in the comments were at a loss to understand how such a thing could transpire.

"Probably somebody bought it from a regular store, used it, then returned it and forgot their money in it LOL," one Facebook user commented.

Others noted the importance of knowing exactly what's inside the suitcases before taking them on any overseas travel.

"Have it thoroughly cleaned before your next travel experience. I used a thrift store bag while flying overseas and was petrified when the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] guy was scanning it for drugs, knowing I didn't know the bag's history," one person responded. "Fortunately it was clean."

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