Dad's heartbreaking act for unborn daughter before his death

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A father-to-be who died of brain cancer before having the chance to meet his child left a heartbreaking series of videos and notes for his newborn.  

Scott Ferguson, from the NSW Central Coast, was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in 2018 after he collapsed in a shopping centre. 

With big dreams for his future, he married the love of his life, Jaymie, in 2019 before they fell pregnant in 2020. 

Jaymie, left, and husband Scott Ferguson in a wheelchair ahead of the birth of their daughter.
Jaymie and Scott Ferguson were overjoyed to fall pregnant. Source: Instagram

Fighting to hold on to meet his daughter, Scott, affectionately known as Fergs, sadly succumbed to his illness weeks before she was born in April. 

Posting a photo of new baby Isla on Instagram, Jaymie described it as "one of the happiest and saddest moments of my entire life".

"Fergs and I are so overjoyed to welcome to the world our miracle baby and my saviour Isla Scott Ferguson born on the 27th of April weighing an adorable 2.65kg," she wrote.

"I'm sure Fergs was with me the entire time and our baby girl is already a mirror image of her incredible dad. I am so in love."

Dad's heartfelt notes to daughter

Before his untimely death, Fergs left messages of love and advice for the daughter he never got to meet. 

He said in one video he was "fighting hard so that I can be here to meet you", 7News reported.

"Just know I never gave up," he said.

In a book he wrote for his daughter he said he would always be proud and everything would be okay if she smiled once every day.

Baby Isla in a swaddle. She was born weeks after Scott Ferguson died.
Baby Isla was born weeks after Scott Ferguson tragically passed away. Source: Instagram

"When you get married, just know that I will be watching and walking you down the aisle," one note said, according to 7News.

"Grow up dreaming. Follow your dreams, you don't have to live like everyone else," another message said.

Couple 'put up hell of a fight' against cancer

A GoFundMe page to raise money for Jaymie has raised more than $30,000. 

Page organiser and close friend of the couple Scott Schmidt said all donations would go to Jaymie. 

"Fergs and Jaymie set out to fight cancer and they put up one hell of a fight," he wrote.

"Fergs and Jaymie have faced every challenge with such bravery and courage and together they have fought hard by outliving five life expectancies given to him by doctors.

Scott and Jaymie Ferguson are pictured.
Scott and Jaymie Ferguson were married the year after he was diagnosed. Source: Instagram

"Since being diagnosed he had undergone two brain surgeries, (one awake), 56 sessions of radiation, 10 months of chemo, 27 sessions of targeted therapy and 35 plus seizures.

"During that time Fergs achieved a lot of things including building their home, a proposal to the love of his life Jaymie, getting back on [the] motorbike, getting married in 2019, a honeymoon and the upcoming arrival of Fergs' baby girl."

Mr Schmidt added Fergs had big dreams for his family, and they wanted to ensure Jaymie and Isla could achieve them. 

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