Dad's bizarre 'pretty dress' punishment for 'rude' son

An embarrassed boy will now think twice about misbehaving at home after his father decided to punish him in a truly bizarre fashion.

Texas father Joseph Blakeney’s chose a unique form of discipline for his 11-year-old son after the boy behaved badly for his mother.

“When you want to treat your mum bad in the morning you get walked to the bus stop by dad in a pretty black dress,” Mr Blakeney wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

According to Houston affiliate ABC 13, the father decided to embarrass his son by putting on the dress and walking to the end of his driveway as the boy walked to the bus stop down the street.

Mr Blakeney donned a black dress for the school run after his son was rude to his mother. Source: Facebook/ Joseph Blakeney

Mr Blakeney made sure everyone could see him in the sleeveless, knee-length number.

“This dad ain’t scared of s***,” he wrote. “Lmfao he thought I wouldn’t do it. Bet he will act better now!!!”

Yet psychologist Barbara Greenberg told Yahoo Lifestyle that Mr Blakeney’s methods of shaming his son may not have worked.

“You teach your children nothing by shaming them,” Ms Greenberg said.

“In fact, what you do is you make them sad, and you make them more prone to engage in other kinds of problematic behavior.”

However the father had the support of many online, with some even suggesting to escalate the punishment if he continues to misbehave.

“Tell him next time you will walk him into school like that,” a person wrote in the comments.

It’s not the first time parents in the US have taken drastic action after their children were rude with one mother forcing her boys to walk 7km after an altercation with their bus driver.