Dad's charming response to daughter's text message goes viral

A dad’s hilarious response to his daughter’s request for sanitary pads has left Twitter users in stitches.

Niamh, who lives in Wales, shared the text exchange she had with her dad last week on social media, giving users an insight into her old man.

“Can you get some pads with wings before the shops close please?” she asked him.

Her dad charmingly responded with a photo of purple pads on a shelf with green ones below.

“Blackcurrant or lime?” he joked.

Niamh needed her dad to pick up sanitary pads from the supermarket before it closed. Source: Twitter/ niamhpemx

The text exchange had people showing their appreciation for the dad’s top shelf parenting, with Niamh’s tweet being shared more than 6,500 times.

One man called Niamh’s dad “a legend”. “Proper tickled me, that,” he tweeted.

Another man tweeted that Niamh’s father took a “total dad approach”.

People on Twitter found the exchange hilarious. Source: Twitter/ niamhpemx

“That’s the greatest question ever,” another man tweeted, referring to her father’s response.

One woman labelled the text exchange “really sweet”.

“It's amazing you are that close to your dad to feel comfortable to ask him,” another woman tweeted.

As for what pads Niamh’s dad ended up buying - she received “blackcurrant” apparently.

Take note, fellas.

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