Dad says inquest delays have prolonged his family's suffering over baby's death

The family of a little Perth baby girl who died in her sleep have accused authorities of prolonging their pain over her death.

Father of three, Corey Woods, his family is left waiting for answers months after baby Summer’s death, while a coroner’s investigation could take up to 18 months.

Mr Woods and his partner had always wanted a little girl and were were ecstatic when they found out they were pregnant with Summer, who was born healthy and happy.

But their happiness was short lived.

Summer was born healthy and happy. Source: 7 News

“I was at work and I got a phone call from my neighbour, he actually said you need to call home. He didn’t tell me what [happened],” Mr Woods said.

Mr Woods called his partner only to find his three-month-old princess had died during her sleep.

Doctors believe the death was caused by sudden infant death syndrome, but the family can’t be sure until they get a post mortem.

Corey Woods with his daughter Summer before her tragic death. Source: 7 News

“You hear about it and you know what it is but you never stop to think, is that going to happen to us.”

Corey and his partner’s pain is still raw, three months on and to make matters worse they’ve been told they won’t get a coroner’s report until next year.

“Everything that she was in that we can really remember her by we won’t get back until mid next year,” Mr Woods said.

Perth dad Corey Woods wants answers about his young daughter’s death. Source: 7News

The Coronial system in WA investigates about 2400 unnatural deaths every year.

The Department of Attorney General says the delay is due to a backlog of a backlog of old and complex cases.

They acknowledge there is a problem and they’ve put processes into place to try and stop the backlog from getting any bigger.

Loved ones say, it’s not good enough.

The Woods family with baby Summer. Source: 7News

“It’s extremely unfair. I can’t see why it would take that long,” Mr woods said.

“I could understand maybe a few months, to be thorough and stuff like that, but a couple of years, even 18 months it’s ridiculous.

“Why should I have to try this hard just to know why our daughter passed away.”