Dad reveals truth behind this surprising photo of baby

A father from Belgium has gone viral for his Instagram account full of hair-raising images of his baby daughter playing with power tools, driving a car and roasting in the oven, all in an effort to put a smile on his girlfriend's face.

"Of course she is never in any kind of danger," Kenny Deuss assures Yahoo News Australia.

The cheeky dad started creating the images to tease his girlfriend when she asked for photos of their daughter Alix when he was home with her each Tuesday.

Images from 'onadventurewithdad' including his daughter operating a power tool and using his daughter as a skate ramp
The cheeky dad started editing images to tease his girlfriend when she asked for photos checking on their daughter Alix. Source:Instagram/onadventurewithdad

"Every Tuesday my girlfriend asks me to send a photo to see if our daughter is ok. That's when I decided to do something funny with it," the sound and light engineer told Yahoo News.

"I try to make most photos as realistic as possible to scare her a bit. But she quickly realises it's fake. And she knows me, so she would kind of expect something like this."

When Mr Deuss decided to start uploading the images to his Instagram account On Adventure With Dad, he quickly received a mixture of feedback from people.

"Sometimes it takes a while. But the shock-effect people have at first is what it makes more special," Mr Deuss said of his edited photos.

While each photo is painstakingly edited to look as real as possible, Mr Deuss said little Alix, who is almost two, doesn't realise she's become a star and just enjoys spending time with her dad.

The pair have been staging the photo shoots since Alix was just three months old.

"She is a very positive minded child and is always smiling, sometimes she doesn't get why we are making photos but she loves it," the doting dad said.

"Although sometimes it's not easy to get the image we were hoping for. But this makes it a fun challenge."

Images from Instagram account 'onadventurewithdad' showing Alix driving and also baking in the oven
Kenny Deuss (right) said he tries to make the images as realistic as possible and sometimes people dont realise they are edited. Source:Instagram/onadventurewithdad

On Adventure With Dad has over 116,000 Instagram followers and Mr Duess revealed as of Monday Alix has a co-star - her new little sister, Aster.

While the father has his hands full with two little ones, he doesn't plan to let his fans or his girlfriend down, and will continue to stage hilarious photo shoots with his daughters.

"There will be plenty of new adventures with Alix and her little sister Aster," he said.

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