Dad posts heartfelt tribute after Larissa Beilby's death

Larissa Beilby’s grieving father has shared one of the many heartfelt tributes pouring in for the Queensland teenager following her death.

On Tuesday, the 16-year-old’s dad Peter William Beilby shared a heartfelt poem online: “I wish I could see you one more time come walking through the door. But I know that is impossible. I will hear your voice no more.”

Heartfelt tributes are pouring in for Queensland teenager Larissa Beilby. Source: 7 News

Larissa’s family has been overwhelmed with support from relatives and strangers, many of whom have come to a mural in her honour, leaving floral tributes to remember the teenager.

Amid their grief, the family showed gratitude and generosity as they made plans to donate money raised on their girl’s behalf to a charity.

The Beilby family says they’re receiving financial support through the State Government’s Victims of Crime scheme.

Kimberley Johns said many were heartbroken over her friend’s death. Source: 7 News

Larissa’s father said the more than $14,000 dollars raised through a GoFundMe page would be donated to charity.

“We could not save Riss, but it could save someone else,” he wrote.

Life without Larissa feels hollow and unfair to those struggling to come to terms with the school girl’s murder.

A man has been charged in relation to her death. Source: Instagram/Larissa Beilby

“What happened is just terrible and it’s not ok,” Kimberley Johns said.

“There are so many people who loved her so much, and so many people who are heartbroken by what’s happened to her.”

She remembered the bubbly 16-year-old as that friend who could always be counted on.

“She stood up for you, always had a smile on her face. Whenever you were down she would message you,” Kimberley said.

Many friends and strangers have left floral tributes at a mural in honour of Larissa Beilby. Source: 7 News

“I want her to be remembered as the smiling, happy person that she was and just for people not to forget her.”

Another friend described the loss as “heartbreaking”.

The man accused of providing a safe haven for her accused killer Zlatko Sikorsky is likely to be released on bail. 

“Likely he’ll be in custody until August,” said Joe Geiger’s lawyer, Anna Smith, on Tuesday.

“I’m about to go and speak to him in the watchhouse. I expect he’ll be pretty happy.”

Police are searching for a 2014 silver Commodore sedan with registration plates 966 WKB in connection with the murder investigation. Source: 7 News

Police have renewed their appeal to find a 2014 silver Commodore sedan with registration plates 966 WKB in connection to the investigation.

Anyone who has seen a similar car that has been parked or abandoned is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the online reporting page.