Dad outraged by rude discovery on KFC order

A man has hit out at KFC for printing a rude note on his takeaway gravy pot, after waiting 20 minutes for his food.

Karl Cooper, a civil enforcement officer from Chesterfield in England discovered the word ‘s**tface’ printed on his gravy pot sticker when he returned to the office, with his food.

Mr Cooper told The Sun his £8 ($15) order took around 15 to 20 minutes, though he said he didn’t complain or moan and staff even apologised for the wait once Mr Cooper collected his food.

Mr Cooper was shocked when he saw the offensive note printed on the lid of his gravy when he got back to work.

Karl Cooper, 38, was shocked when his order of chicken wings from fast food restaurant KFC came with the word 's***face' written across the tops of his gravy pots. Source: Karl Francis Cooper / MEGA.

“I had to rush back to work, meaning I didn’t see 's***face' printed on both gravy pots until I had sat down ready to eat it,” he said, according to MEGA.

“It really took me by surprise - I sat there trying to think back on the whole occasion and work out if I'd done something to deserve that!”

Mr Cooper said he hoped it wasn’t a personal attack on him and acknowledged it may have just been a practical joke.

“It might be a prank - I didn’t do anything to upset them. It’s very strange, I’ve never been called that before,” he told The Sun.

“It was printed next to the date it had been bought and when it had to be sold by.”

The Sun notes perhaps the offensive comment was not for Mr Cooper at all, but rather for the kitchen team.

Mr Cooper then messaged KFC on Facebook privately, to alert them to the incident, providing photos and saying he was “very offended”.

KFC did reply to Mr Cooper and offered to send him a voucher for the KFC restaurant.

Karl Cooper said he doesn't understand why the offensive word was used on his gravy lid. Source: Karl Francis Cooper / SWNS.COM / MEGA.

Mr Cooper turned down the $18 voucher, saying he would go to another fast food chain next time. Mr Cooper has a child, according to The Sun, and pointed out a child could have received that gravy lid.

“Truthfully, it probably wasn’t meant for me, but they should be careful. Lots of kids go to KFC – the staff there should really know better,” Mr Cooper said, according to Metro UK.

“The Colonel would’ve blown his lid at this,” A KFC spokesperson said, according to Metro UK.

“Looks like a team member was trying to be funny, but it’s not on. We’re speaking to Karl to make it up to him.”

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