Dad who’s been incarcerated for 11 years surprises his little boy in emotional TikTok: ‘I’m sobbing’

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This TikToker shared the emotional moment her boyfriend’s nephew was reunited with his formerly incarcerated father and it’s so moving!

The TikTok user recorded the moment her boyfriend’s nephew saw his dad for the first time after he was released from prison. The heartwarming video racked up 9.8 million views and counting and had TikTokers tearing up!

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The video begins with a caption that reads, “We surprised my BF’s nephew. His dad was locked up for 11 years.” 

In the video, family members are sitting around a long table at a restaurant, and a little boy sits in the center. He is playing a game with another child sitting across from him, and is so absorbed in his game, he doesn’t notice at first when his father sits down in the empty seat next to him. 

For a moment, the little boy continues playing his game, then he happens to glance towards his dad. At first, the boy is confused. He does a double take and his eyes widen. 

Tentatively, he reaches out and touches his dad’s arm to get his attention. When his dad turns to look at him, the boy is immediately overcome by emotion. 

First, his eyes widen and he looks at the camera. Then, he pushes back his chair and stands up. Both father and son start grinning at each other, but after a moment, the boy becomes overwhelmed. He sinks back into his chair, covering his eyes as he starts to cry. 

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The boy’s dad looks nervous at first. But, after receiving a little encouragement from a woman at the table, he reaches out and gives his son a hug

After a few seconds, the son returns the hug, throwing his arms around his dad’s neck. The video ends as the father and son tearfully embrace. 

The video had viewers overcome with emotion.

“I am sobbing! Sending so much love to your beautiful family,” one TikToker wrote. 

“The dad was so nervous about moving in too fast. Love this. Yes, I’m crying,” wrote another viewer. 

“It’s 7 in the morning… I did not need to be crying right now,” another TikToker commented. 

The emotional video might make you tear up, but it’s a small price to pay for seeing such a beautiful moment between a father and his son!

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