Dad going about his 'business' stunned by surprise intruder

A Brisbane family were shocked to start their weekend with an unexpected house guest occupying their bathroom.

It is believed a man from the Wynnum West household was the first to find the python resting in the toilet when he attempted to use it on Saturday morning.

“Initially I think he was a bit taken back,” Snake catcher Stew Lalor told Yahoo7. 

Mr Lalor from Elite Snake Catching Services was notified about the visitor, who was said to be about 1.6 metres long, at about 6.45am.

“They gave us a call to have it removed so they could finish their business in peace, without the local natives watching,” the snake catching service wrote on Facebook on Saturday when they shared images of the offending python making itself at home. 

The python had been occupying the Brisbane family’s bathroom on Saturday morning. Source: Elite Snake Catching Services/ Facebook

Why snakes like toilets

Mr Lalor believes it probably came through the sewerage system and said there are a number of reasons it may have found itself there.

“A lot of times they are chasing a rat or a mouse into the sewerage piping,” he said.

The snake catcher said they may also be seeking refuge from the scorching temperatures outside, or they may sometimes immerse themselves in water because they’re about to shed their skin.

And while the family may have received a fright about the python’s position, the snake catcher said it’s not unheard of to find them in the toilet.

“I get about two or three of those jobs each season,” Mr Lalor said.

“Not every day, but it does happen.”

The images shared on the snake catcher’s page left a few people anxiously checking their own bathrooms, or changing their habits.

Out of the hundreds of comments, many said it was their “biggest fear”, while another added they would “ scream the neighbourhood down” if they made a similar discovery. 

This kind of discovery is not unheard of with the snake catcher saying he receives a few callouts like this each season. Source: Elite Snake Catching Services/ Facebook

“I never turn the light on when I go to the toilet in the middle of the night!!!! I will be from now on!!!” a different person added. 

Others said this is exactly why they keep their toilet lid closed.

“I saw a toilet at a rest stop the other day that said ‘Frogs love water. Close the lid’ then someone else had written ‘and snakes love frogs’,” one person recalled.

“Happened to me 15y ago though in my case it was hiding around the rim and fell in the bowl when I flushed,” said another. 

And it is a timely reminder about what to do if you find yourself with an unexpected house guest.

“It’s really hot at the moment, we’re getting more snakes inside the house,” Mr Lalor said, adding there is no need to put yourself at risk.

“Pick up the phone and send a pic to a catcher and see if it’s dangerous,” he said.