Dad goes viral for hijacking nursery speaker from work while Mom is dressing triplets

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This dad turned on the “Hamster Dance” song from work while his wife was their dressing triplets, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Getting kids ready for the day can feel like an uphill battle, especially when they’re toddlers, not to mention triplets! But this family has their morning routine down to an art form, literally.

TikTok parent Kelsey Janak (@wildernesthomestead) shared an adorable video in which her husband plays the “Hamster Dance” song while she gets their triplets dressed for the day, resulting in a dance party that would make Beyoncé proud.

The clip, which has almost 13 million views, begins with baby monitor footage of Janak kneeling on the floor and pulling out clothes from a dresser. Each toddler waits in anticipation from their comfy cribs, lined neatly in a row behind Janak.

Suddenly, the sounds of an autotune hamster can be heard from the home’s sound system. “Husband turned the hamster dance song on from work while I was getting them dressed!” Janak wrote in the video.

Everyone in the room perks up instantly, and Janak shrugs and nods her head as if to say, “Sure, why not?” at her husband Jay’s amusing and catchy music selection. The “Hamster Dance” has cast its spell. One by one, each toddler begins to bounce and dance from their cribs. Even mom gets grooving as her triplets behind her all jump for joy to the dance number.

Who knew getting triplets ready in the morning could look so fun? Viewers were delighted by the dance party. “I like how they activated one by one,” commented one TikTok user.

Others were impressed by the parents’ team efforts when it comes to raising their triplets. “Aww, it’s the dad checking in and still being part of the fam even when working, for me,” one TikTok user remarked.

Parents know it’s very easy for things to get off track once the alarm goes off. Luckily, the internet offers many methods, like this one from the Janaks, to help any family, of any size, ease into the day.

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