Dad gets knocked to the ground by kangaroo but doesn't spill his beer

A man has been filmed taking a kick to the torso by an aggressive kangaroo, but still manages to keep his beer can upright as he hits the dirt.

Video uploaded to Facebook by his daughter shows Daniel Tuohey running to protect his two dogs near a dam as the intimidating marsupial approaches him.

“Dad it’s coming,” his daughter screams as she films the video.

Mr Tuohey manages to punch the kangaroo before it balances on its tail and kicks him, knocking him to the ground. The roo then turns its attention to the dogs after they also tried to attack it.

“Oh my god,” his daughter says, punctuated with both laughter and screams.

The man has been referred to as an “Aussie icon” in Facebook reaction, after it was revealed he didn’t even spill a drop of his beer during the altercation.

Daniel Tuohey manages to punch the kangaroo before it sends him flying. Source: Facebook/Bree Tuohey

“That’s as Aussie as it gets,” one commented.

“He’s committed to that beer, that’s what I like to see,” another said.

Mr Tuohey was dubbed “the man, the legend”.

Daniel Tuohey didn’t spill a drop of beer during the altercation. Source: Facebook/Bree Tuohey

The incident comes after three people were attacked by a kangaroo in Queensland’s southeast in October.

A 54-year-old woman received signifiant chest and abdominal injuries when a kangaroo attacked at a private residence at Cypress Gardens near Toowoomba.