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Dad fumes over Curash's $10 response to baby's gruesome injuries: 'Insulting'

Parents are reeling after a now-recalled product left their infants with a severe rash.

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A New South Wales father is furious after receiving what he calls an "insulting" response to his baby's injuries from using a now-recalled nappy cream.

Two batches of Curash Nappy Rash Cream were recalled on February 2 over concerns that individuals may experience "increased skin sensitivity, redness or a rash" following application and that "symptoms subsided after the affected skin was washed with water".

However several parents have confirmed the injuries their children experienced were much worse. Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, Louis from Blacktown in Sydney's west said his newborn daughter required a trip to the emergency department after just two days of using the cream.

Curash nappy rash cream recall notice; blisters on baby girl
Louis says his baby daughter still has two to three weeks of recovery ahead of her after developing painful ulcers from using the Curash nappy cream. Source: Supplied

Curash gesture falls flat

Louis says his daughter's reaction was so bad it resulted in several large yellow ulcers. "Our daughter would scream with every nappy change. We went to our local GP who immediately sent us to Blacktown Hospital Emergency Department," he explained. "The doctors there were baffled as to why such severe ulcers had formed."

It wasn't until a family member informed Louis of the recall days later that he realised what had happened. The ordeal left him and his wife upset by what their four-week-old daughter went through, but the response from Curash has angered him even further.

"I'm quite insulted, to be honest," he said after receiving an email for a $10 product refund. "That's nowhere near what they should be giving for the pain that my daughter has gone through at such an early age."

Mum traumatised by baby's pain

While the Curash recall states "instances of this reaction are very low" compared to the number of units sold, mum-of-one Emma from Cambridge Park in Sydney's west believes the company doesn't understand the severity of the situation. She says she's been left "traumatised" by her one-year-old daughter's screams of pain after developing yellow blisters "all over her private parts" from using the same cream.

"She was very upset after I put the cream on. Then 40 minutes after application I went to change her nappy and she was covered in these blisters," Emma told Yahoo News. "The scream she let out as I peeled her nappy off to see those sores. I freaked out, washed it all off, put a cloth nappy on and rushed to the doctors."

Blisters from Curash nappy cream
Emma, a childcare worker of five years, says she's never seen such a bad reaction to Nappy cream before. Source: Supplied

Emma says her daughter required hourly nappy changes and medicated cream for a week before the blisters started to subside. Since the recall, hundreds of other parents have spoken out with similar stories on social media. One said her son was now recovering from second-degree burns, while other affected children also required a trip to the hospital.

Curash investigating adverse reactions

A spokesperson for Curash told Yahoo News the company is still investigating why babies have had adverse reactions to the cream. "We are continuing to investigate, collect and assess information as it becomes available to us and are working with consumers who contact us to better understand their particular situation," the spokesperson said.

Curash Nappy Rash Cream recall notice
Consumers are being asked to check the batch number of Curash Nappy Rash Cream sold between June 2022 and February 2023. Source: Curash

"We take the health and safety of all Australian families incredibly seriously. We ask all Australian families who have experienced a potential adverse reaction to please contact us via our help line or our website. This will allow us to obtain important information that assists in addressing this situation," the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson claimed that all Curash products are manufactured "in strict compliance" with safety protocols, stating, "We can assure all Australian consumers that prior to launch, the Curash Nappy Rash Cream underwent the same rigorous clinical safety assessment procedures as all of our products."

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