Dad filmed dragging daughter by hood through airport

Navigating through airports can be a real drag, but one dad took the chore to a whole new level when he was caught dragging his daughter by the hood of her coat.

The incident was filmed at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, US, by a man who had arrived to pick up his girlfriend on New Year’s Day. He posted the clip to Reddit with the headline “Dad level 9000”.

As other redditors pointed out, no one in the scenario seemed disturbed by the unusual transportation method.

A dad is caught dragging a young girl through Dulles International Airport, Virginia, US on New Year’s Day. Source: JF_112 via Reddit

The dad, who is toting a duffle bag in his right hand, appears completely unfazed as he looks straight ahead gripping the hood of the girl’s pink coat, hauling her past the baggage carousels.

The girl herself, who even has her hands folded in front of her, is not struggling at all — and is seemingly either enjoying herself or may be asleep — though it’s not clear what led to the lugging.

Judging by their comfort level, doesn’t look like a first-timer,” one person commented.

A second little girl, possibly a sister, follows the pair while wheeling a small suitcase of her own and carrying not one but two backpacks.

I can hear dad say, ‘I have had enough, grab her backpack, let’s get out of here,’” one Reddit user joked of the situation.

The person who filmed and shared the video confirmed the girl being dragged “wasn’t screaming or anything, just hanging out”, while the second child “was walking 20 feet behind her out of embarrassment”.

The little girl doesn’t appear too bothered about being dragged across the airport floor. Source: JF_112 via Reddit

Since the video went viral, viewers have been amusing themselves by trying to re-create the scenario that led to the airport scene — and most, especially parents, have concluded that dad was simply fed up.

One user said: “This is the kind of s*** you do when your kid is being a brat and you are not having it and you need to be somewhere.”

Other parents agreed.

“There’s honestly nothing wrong with this. This level is an everyday occurrence around here,” one wrote.

Another Dad here, can confirm that is a normal ‘Done with your s***’ moment,” another commented.

Others assumed the child being dragged was nothing short of an evil genius who figured out an easy way to neither walk nor carry her own bags.

“The daughter is secretly enjoying being dragged around like this,” one user commented.