Dad faces backlash over decision to skip his stepson’s wedding: ‘It wasn’t my fault’

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A father is caught between his birth daughter and his stepson. 

After his wife accused him of picking favorites, he took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. His stepson of seven years, Sean, is getting married. But when he revealed the date was the same day as his daughter, Traci’s college graduation things got heated. He told Sean he wouldn’t attend the wedding unless it was scheduled for a different day. 

“Traci’s mom is deceased I’m the only family left for her,” the Reddit poster said. “Sean and I are on great terms. I met his mom when he was 17. Now he’s about to get married. Traci is about to finish her last year in college. Her graduation is in May. She’s given me a specific date and wanted me and her stepmom to be there to share her happiness. Sean and his fiancée have been busy planning their wedding. He said he, his fiancée and her mom agreed on the wedding to be on X day this May. I was taken aback. I told Sean to repeat the date and it turned out it’s the same day as Traci’s graduation day.”

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When the Reddit poster tried to explain the situation to them it seemed to cause chaos. 

“The argument started,” he said. “My wife said we could attend the graduation and the wedding the same day. But I called her illogical since I’ll have to drive four hours to attend the graduation. I asked Sean if he could postpone since he wants me there so desperately. He threw a fit saying he can’t and this will cause an issue with his mother-in-law. I said that he needed to think of another date for his wedding otherwise I won’t attend cause I want to see my daughter graduate college. My wife took it as in Traci was more important to me but I pointed out that Traci didn’t pick the date nor can she control it but Sean can control when to have his wedding. I told her it wasn’t my fault and I’m literally stuck in this situation.” 

Reddit users sympathized with the father’s difficult dilemma. 

“Your wife and stepson are showing their true colors,” one person commented

“Your wife is clearly the one showing favoritism,” another said

“They knew it was conflicting and didn’t care,” someone stated.

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