'We could have easily died': Dad and daughter's Bali holiday nightmare

A father has explained how he is ‘lucky to be alive’ after he and his daughter were ambushed on holidays.

Andrew Bateman detailed the horrific ordeal in a lengthy Facebook post, about how he and his daughter were attacked while riding on their motorbikes in Indonesia, all over a mobile phone.

Mr Bateman explained he and his daughter, Hannah were riding “home” for dinner, and Ms Bateman had her father’s iPhone.

Mr Bateman said two Balinese locals tried to grab the phone from Ms Bateman while she was still on the bike, and when she wouldn’t let go, the locals grabbed at Hannah’s arm and pulled her and her father off the bike.

Andrew Bateman (right) and his daughter Hannah suffered horrific injuries after a motorcyclist tried to steal his iPhone. Source: Facebook/Andrew Bateman.

Mr Bateman suffered five broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a broken scapula and “heaps of cuts and grazes”, while Hannah fractured her wrist and suffered “nasty” deep cuts and scratches.

“Very hectic situation, in which we could have both easily died!!!” Mr Bateman wrote on Facebook.

“Thankfully the real locals came out and assisted us, we somehow managed to ride back to hotel all busted up and administer first aid on each other, change flights to next available out of there and wait in pain – the longest wait of our lives...”

Mr Bateman said he and his daughter had to wait 30 hours for the next available flight back to Australia to receive “proper medical attention”.

One in Australia, Mr Bateman and his daughter were taken to Prince of Wales Hospital to ensure they were stable enough to travel back to Port Macquarie and Mudgee.

Andrew Bateman said he was 'lucky to be alive' after the ordeal. Source: Facebook/Andrew Bateman.

Following the accident, Mr Bateman’s partner received a message saying the stolen iPhone had been found, but he believes it was just an attempt for the people who stole the phone to get access to his account details.

“We have received multiple fake emails/messages from ‘Apple’ since (they look legit, but aren’t) – clearly an organised crime racket...” Mr Bateman said.

He warned anyone travelling to Indonesia to either not go, or be careful of their belongings.

“The Balinese people are lovely – you just need to be mindful of the other s**tbags living there who have no regard for your life!” Mr Bateman wrote.

“Unfortunately these things happen and unfortunately it happened to us, just glad to be home, thankful to still be here in one piece and it definitely gives us a higher appreciation for all the wonderful things/people in our lives!”

Andrew Batman received messages which appear to be legitimate, but weren’t. Source: Facebook/Andrew Bateman.

On November 30, an Aussie teen was involved in a horrific accident in Bali after his friend’s phone was also stolen while riding scooters.

Lawson Rankin had been riding with his friends when he accelerated to pursue a driver who snatched a friend's phone.

His friends found his scooter lodged deep inside a concrete drain on Saturday night, according to a statement released on his family's behalf.

Mr Rankin's friends found him unconscious, face-down and drowning in the sewer with a split helmet and cuts to his head.

They lifted him out and started CPR while locals called an ambulance, with the teenager's family saying they were "eternally grateful for the heroic actions of these young men".

Mr Rankin remains in hospital, according to the GoFundMe. The insurance company has not “stepped in” to cover the cost, so the GoFundMe page is raising money to get Mr Rankin back to Australia.

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