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Dad comes up with brilliantly lazy way to play with his kid

This TikTok dad’s hilarious baseball hack proves that sometimes the key to good parenting is working smarter, not harder!

Ricky and Nikki (@_thesimpsonfamily_) are parents and TikTokers who share adorable, heartwarming, and frequently funny parenting moments. In a recent video, Nikki caught Ricky playing the world’s laziest game of baseball with his daughter. In what might just be the perfect hack for tired parents, Ricky attached a fishing line to a plastic baseball ball, and reeled the ball back in every time his daughter hit it, enabling him to play baseball while lounging in a lawn chair!

The video begins with a shot of Ricky sitting in a lounge chair holding a fishing rod. His daughter stands nearby. “What are you doing?” Nikki asks as she walks towards Ricky.

Ricky grins and holds up the fishing rod, revealing that there is a ball attached to the fishing line. The clever dad begins turning the reel on the rod, pulling the ball towards himself. “I’m playing baseball and fishing at the same!” Ricky replies.

“Oh my god,” Nikki squeals, panning the camera to show her daughter holding a bright pink plastic bat and grinning. The daughter, who is wearing a tie-dyed shirt and sunglasses, nods at her mom, then walks towards the ball and takes a giant swing.

She hits the ball into the air, and it goes flying into the grass, with the fishing line still attached to it. “That’s what you call genius!” Ricky says, as his daughter screams in excitement.

Then, without moving from his chair, the dad reels the ball back in towards himself. “I got one!” Ricky’s daughter screams repeatedly, overcome by excitement.

“Hit it again!” Ricky tells his daughter as the video ends.

Viewers applauded Ricky’s brilliant dad hack.

“Absolute genius,” one viewer wrote.

“This is absolutely adorable! She got so excited,” commented another viewer.

“Dude, that’s creative. I take my hat off to you,” wrote another impressed TikToker.

Ricky’s hack might just be the perfect way to spend quality time with your child, while also getting some much needed rest!

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