Woman live-streams her own death in car crash

A young woman live-streamed her own death on Facebook Live when her friend lost control of her car and went off the road.

The footage shows the final seconds of 22-year-old Nikol Barabasova’s life as she sat in the passenger seat of a car travelling more than 120km/h in Obrnice in the Czech Republic.

She speaks to the camera and giggles with her friend before the pair seem alarmed by something on the road ahead.

The pair start off giggling and chatting as Ms Barabasova live-streams from her phone but the driver soon appears to lose control of the car. Source: Facebook

Ms Barabasova screams and it appears as though her friend loses control on the vehicle.

She is briefly thrust forward as the car crashes but the camera keeps filming.

The passenger-side window shatters but the camera continues to film briefly, facing the ceiling as the video comes to an end.

Ms Barabasova was reportedly killed in the crash. Source: Facebook

Local reports said Ms Barabasova was killed in the accident, according to The Sun.

Emergency services had to stop the live stream when they arrived on the scene 20 minutes later.

Her friend remains in hospital with a serious head injury.

Police are investigating.