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Cyprus 0-3 Scotland: What are Tartan Army saying as Euros excitement grows?

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"Bring on England" and "We're getting out of a Euro 2024 group" are phrases which would normally have Scotland fans burying their faces in their hands.

We've all been here before, masters of glorious failure etc. But this feels different, doesn't it?

Scotland's 3-0 win in Cyprus has them two points - or a Norway v Georgia draw on Tuesday - away from booking a spot to Germany.

So, let's indulge ourselves just this once and tell you what the Tartan Army have been saying to it. Health warning, it's alarmingly positive...

Craig: There is a consistency and quality of performance with this Scotland team. Steve Clarke has done a wonderful job in building a squad. The group table still looks a wee bit lopsided, with Norway and Spain still to play matches. We are in a great position to qualify. Now, we have to make qualification for the major tournaments a regular experience.

Anon: So so proud of the boys! This new generation have no fear so when they approach a game the play with such a freedom and are just a joy to watch! Bring on England!

Anon: Never before have we been in this position, it's such a strange and wonderful feeling, we're not in an "easy" group, and yet we are on the verge of qualification with games to spare, this is how other "good" teams' fans must feel, well done the boys on the pitch and the management team, tremendous really tremendous.󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Ian: Brilliant result, a real advance on years gone by. Steve Clarke deserves huge credit for sticking with his principles. Scott McTominay has been a revelation and, along with McGinn, McGregor, Tierney and captain fantastic Robertson, we have the nucleus of a great team.

Anon: Our midfield is in a class of its own and we are a great watch now. Five games in, five games won with no goals conceded from open play is a fantastic achievement.

Jack: England fan here (waits for boos)... Have to say how brilliant Scotland have played for a while under Steve Clarke. As long as they stick to the ways that have brought them success and don't get overawed by the Euros, I can see them getting to the quarter-finals easily. Makes the 'friendly' in a few days even tastier!

David: Fantastic results so far in the campaign. Having been at Hampden as a young man to see us qualify for the World Cup due to Big Joe Jordan, this brings it all back. Hopefully at age - now 71 - myself and my two sons will be in Germany to support what is without doubt the best Scottish team and manager for a very long time.

Brian: Clarke has a proper team. Full of confidence, verve, goal scorers, defenders and solid midfield. Afraid of no one. Lessons learned from the last Euros too. We will qualify but he and the team will reach legendary status by getting out of the group. That has to be the goal.

Bob: I know that mathematically, we have not qualified. However, there is only one of two ways we can't qualify now and that involves the winner of Norway/Georgia beating Spain as well (and winning all their other games). The Tartan Army should start packing their tartan lederhosen.

Anon: Dominant performance, McTominay excellent. Team seem to enjoy playing together.

Anon: Another great result and, after a few early scares, was never in doubt, but what really pleased me was the game management on what must have been a very difficult night to play football.