Cyclists cop most fines in safety campaign

A two-week police operation targeting cyclist and driver behaviour has mainly ended with fines and cautions for those on two wheels.

South Australian police fined 167 cyclists and four drivers during a statewide campaign coinciding with the Tour Down Under and an influx of cycling enthusiasts.

A further 270 cyclists and 17 drivers were cautioned.

South Australia Police was unable to provide a breakdown for the fines and cautions issued, a spokeswoman told AAP.

Superintendent Bob Gray said the focus of police in Operation Safe Cycling was on both cyclist and driver behaviour to encourage safer road use for all.

During the fortnight to Sunday, one cyclist was killed while eight crashes involving cyclists resulted in serious injuries, he said.

"This highlights the vulnerability of cyclists - they invariably come off worst if involved in a collision with any other vehicle," Supt Gray said.

"Both cyclists and drivers need to be aware of each other, actively look for each other and share the road safely."

Police fined 347 cyclists and 18 drivers when running the same campaign in 2021. Most were for not wearing a helmet.