Cyclist slams into elderly woman in Perth

The family of a 92-year-old woman hit by a cyclist as she crossed the road in Perth say she’s lucky to be alive.

Halina Lichocik was returning home from food shopping on Friday when she stepped out on Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn.

CCTV captured the shocking accident, with the cyclist sending the elderly woman flying.

Victim Halina Lichocik. Source: 7News

Ms Lichocik’s daughter Rosalie Cowland says her mother was thrown “like a ragdoll”.

“She’s very lucky. ‘Cause had it been a car… oh my God,” she said.

The footage shows the rider seemingly oblivious to Ms Lichocik, riding with his hands off the handlebars moments before the impact.

The moment a cyclist collided with a 92-year-old pedestrian. Source: 7News
CCTV shows the cyclist approach the 92-year-old pedestrian. Source: 7News

The 92-year-old is now making good progress in hospital, and needs plastic surgery to a wound to her head.

The bruising is expected to fade with Ms Lichocik now able to sit up and eat.

Doctors expect the 92-year-old to be released from hospital by Friday, in time to celebrate her 93rd birthday.

Ms Cowland said she was grateful to the two nurses and bystanders who stopped to help her mum.

Bystanders stopped to help the 92-year-old. Source: 7News

“I don’t know who they are, but I would like to thank them all because at least she’s in hospital being cared for and she’s on the mend slowly.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating the collision.