Cyclist left fighting for his life after truck driver ‘felt a bump’ in the road

Police are swarming the roads as part of an Easter traffic blitz but it has already been a bad start to the break, with a cyclist fighting for life after being hit by a truck in Adelaide.

The truckie's boss, Vito Pantelic, said the driver "felt a bump, like he run over something," but hadn't seen anything untoward ahead of him.

Truck driver Bane Jankovic was turning left off Portrush Road in St Georges just after 9am when he felt a jolt.

A cyclist collided with a truck in Adelaide on Thursday morning. Source: 7 News

A 69-year-old bike rider was under his truck, calling out for an ambulance.

The cyclist is now in Royal Adelaide Hospital in critical condition as the truck driver is left scratching his head, wondering what he could have done to avoid the accident.

The cyclist is in critical condition in hospital. Source: 7 News
The distraught truck driver after the accident. Source: 7 News

As Major Crash investigators moved in, Mr Jankovic's daughter and wife arrived to comfort him.

"He's an excellent driver, 50 years of experience, we all look up to him," Mr Pantelic said.

Mr Jankovic is comforted by his wife at the scene. Source: 7 News

"I'm actually very frightened of the bikes, lots of times they just come out of nowhere and you're supposed to stop and brake."

There is no bike lane along the stretch of Portrush Road where the accident happened.

Drivers say it makes things very stressful for both them and the cyclists, with everyone trying to negotiate the notoriously busy strip.

Authorities are urging motorists to take care over the Easter break. Source: 7 News

As thousands head off for the Easter long weekend, authorities are pleading with drivers to take care.

In South Australia, 60 billboards have been installed urging motorists to stop and rest every two hours.